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thx xgimi

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tweetyfs tweetyfs Discussion 2019-3-19 18:14
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Edited by tweetyfs at 2019-3-19 19:20

it is now more than 3 years form buying z4 Aurora from first campaign on indiegogo really love it from first time for the design smart thing it have ... but right now i hate it because the unsupported from your side for updating the Android version to latest so i can use the projector with Apps that give me great experience , not updated form 3 years it killing the projector system and make it worst experience now because all application crash or can't work as expected and google play ...not exist because of your out date firm ware ....thx Xgimi for that great deadly product ... i think to upgrade i need to buy new project or u can provide upgrade throw replace project with good one soft ware

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Edited by Andogen at 2019-3-25 18:43

I'm also very disappointed. Seems that Z4 is too old for the Xgimi Team. They are now focused on updating their new jewels, z6 for example...
What a pity, nice divice such as z4, without any android update. Now z4 can go direclty in to the rubbish bin.
Amazing Xgimi policy, customers are nothing for you!
Thank you very much Xgimi, you are doing it right!

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I can ony agree with you guys and i know we are not the only one!
Xgimi Z4 A. went from a good product to a sh*t product -Dont get me wrong i like my projector but i would't recommend XGIMI to anybody because of the lacking support and updates on the devices...

This should be a SMART projector, but now it's only a projector ..

Im only waiting for this projector to die, so i can but an another one and its not gonna be a Xgimi this time, thats for sure..
Thanks for the HYPE with this projector for a couple years ago and thanks for a BIG disappointment

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