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Xgimi H1 Freeze on Boot , need help please from Admin ?

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Johnt662 Johnt662 Question 2018-7-16 20:02

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My Xgimi H1 is brand new bought it from Aliexpress received July 4th 2018 . after 3 or 4 days start to Freeze on Boot , i was thinking maybe its normal  I was able to make it work after removing the power from the device  on/off for 2 or 3 times .
after 7 days of receiving it , is not booting at all or finish the boot,  stuck on the first image after 'Hi Gimi " sound . i tried to install new Firmware 1.5.3 still Not booting , I tried to remove the power on/off many time and tried it for hours but  still not booting not working ?

see the video from the link below to understand what I mean freezing on boot :

please Admin Help me . I have all the offical invoices and the trucking shipment showing that i receive it on July 4 , 2018 and after one week i communicacte with the seller on Aliexpress asking to tell me what to do to solve the problem or  to replace the device under waranty since its brand new and not working, the seller told me wait i will check with the engineer and now its a week and nothing was solved, after a week of asking mw to try many thing to solve the problem but nothing was solved, Now I  understand the seller will not take his responsability and exchange a manufacrure defect product I ask the seller to check with Xgimi compagny but nothing happen still waiting all i feel is I spend big amount of money and have a defective product front ot me .  
this why i am writing here to solve my problem , I know xgimi and i like your prodcuts I Bouight 2 years back Xgimi Z4 Aurora and was Very happy with it .
but now with my new purchase of Xgimi H1 i am extremly desapointed its expensive product plus their is no service and responsability from your distributors .  I receive it defective , what to do now ?

Note : I sent email  to , but no answaer till now .!

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