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Update Functions of the Latest Firmware!!

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SummerXie SummerXie Suggestion 2016-8-5 17:15
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Admin  Author| Post time 2016-10-31 15:55:25 | Show all posts
tsytommy replied at 2016-10-31 12:21
I have a Z4air, I was download the 1.4 firmware try to upgrade but not success, the file size is 640 ...

Follow the below steps:

1. turn if off.
2. drug the firmware to your USB (please don't create a folder!)
3. connect your USB to your Projector's usb port 2 ;
4. with pressing the (battery) bottom at the back of Z4 Air, open the lens cover at the front.
5. wait for the light of your Air flash, then release the bottom;
6. wait for the upgrade.

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Is the AirPlay issue fixed?

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Admin  Author| Post time 2016-11-15 03:31:22 | Show all posts
stemast1 replied at 2016-11-15 01:06
Is the AirPlay issue fixed?

It's still in testing and it'll be upgraded by next week. Sorry for long time waiting.

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SummerXie replied at 2016-11-15 03:31
It's still in testing and it'll be upgraded by next week. Sorry for long time waiting.


we can wait for stable firmware sir hahaha.

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Lv1 Post time 2016-11-27 08:36:10 | Show all posts
The week has passed and there's so sign of the new firmware to fix the issues.
The good reviews are not enough when a company starts to not address the software problems on a timely manner for its customers.

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Lv1 Post time 2016-12-1 12:27:13 | Show all posts
The 1.6.0 Firmware is not solving our issues. Are we supposed to get Forcing Brush Packages when vendors like Amazon and YouTube are no longer supporting the Andriod version XGimi is built on.

How do you plan to send out the H1s to supports of the $1M campaign if your last campaign product doesn't function more that 8 months once it is deleivered to users.

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Since I do not have the ability to create a thread on this forum, the point system might work if I could load the pages in my profile, but alass the XGimi does not support the extention.

Anyways I found a site some may know of that has great info for the XGimi products. They appear to be a dealer for XGimi

Lots of info, help and documenation.  Though they still have the 1.5.0 firmware listed, you can download it if you want a copy. Plus recommended Apps.

Good night all. Maybe I will be suprised in the monring and my Z4 will function as expected from a 2017 CES Innovation Award Winner.

With out hope, we have nothing.

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Edited by DVK at 2016-12-2 02:30

Even after upgrade software to 1.6.0 version, the function of transmitting VIDEO from Android-phone doesn't work.

Can you say us when it would work successfully?

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Lv1 Post time 2016-12-2 02:34:34 | Show all posts
XGIMI, you will not be winning many rewards in the future if you continue with half working products.

This is starting to be ridiculous and will not be long before unsatisfied customers will spread the word that your support is below standards.

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It's official; I am taking down my lame @ss Z4 Aurora, XGimi Ceiling Bracket, 3d Glasses x3 (Purchased Separately from XGIMI via Amazon) and sending it all back.
Too bad I can't get back the ability to buy a product that works from another vendor during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales.

I was able to follow the instructions I pieced together from the multiple forum posts from XGimi and still could not get 1.6.0 to load. I was able to get a factory restore to execute, by initiating it and haven't to manually shut down the device. Once it came back up, there was a notification in the About menu for ann update. Excitedly anxious for the device and XGimi to succeed I downloaded the Firmware and after restarting.... Wait for it.... Nothing had changed. None of the programs had issues were fixed, not updates were available for them and the three video app that worked before still worked. Like I said in my email to XGimi earlier that day. The size of the ROM had not changed and apparently when downloading it from their server via OTA no functionality fixes were changes either.

More research lead me to find the XGimi is using a ROM from 2013. I didn't know that. It appears most manufacturers kicking out Z4s with ROM 5.5 and older. Yes I said Z4s, because that is the model of the Google TV produced in 2013 you can now buy on Ebay for $70 US. with a current ROM that streams and casts like it  

to 杨蓉, 罗帆, Jim.liu_刘志明, lori, 肖适, 钟波 极米创始人&CEO

Thank you for your response.  Guys, I am an IT guy and usually, pretty level headed. I have no issues with working to solve the problem that new technology bring to consumers. This is cutting edge and will have its bugs.

My frustration is two-fold actually quad-fold. I emailed service and posted to the forum board, with no response from XGimi.  I don't think many overseas companies the US Holiday or even weekends off. Being XGimi is new to the market, XGimi might not have understood that Black Friday here in the US would have many consumers vying to have their new gadgets in hand and working. Thought from the "About Us" page on your site I would have speculated that you were familiar with our need for immediate gratification. So that's one thing, I recommend better staffing of the support email/forum/even a US number to call. This is a must in customer service and not hearing back from on manufacture, even getting a ticket or reference number from an automated system makes us fell like at least our issue is logged somewhere. There are a few spots on your site that are broken when trying to send an email.

Next, the issues I seem to be experiencing seem to be unique. I am no snowflake and find it hard to believe that all of the problems are only happening to this device. Xia responded and indicated the current firmware to be 1.4.3, but I downloaded 1.5.0 from the XGimi site on Monday with a separate Brush Package version 1.5.0 and yesterday the XGimi site no longer had a firmware listed but a Force Brush Package of 1.6.0.  I have downloaded the 1.6.0 Brush Package and my PC shows the file to be the same size. Not sure if that is an incredible coincidence but I was unable to force it to flash the ROM.  I will try again with Xia's instructions.

The instructions... guys you have to do better. I understand if English is the second language of most employees of XGimi. But also XGimi raised $323,847 on the Z4 IndiGoGo campaign and $1,008,026 on the H1 campaign. You have to get more than a one-page tri-fold set of instructions out. Contract typewriting services to create the instructions for you in whatever language the software supports. PDF quick releases are fine. There should be a set of instructions for each firmware and brush package supported. You can't rely or rather shouldn't rely on users looking for instructions/resolutions on the support forum once an issue is known.  Sure having a user's question answered on the board is good business, hint, hint, it provides active feedback. But that guidance should be converted to a PDF that is place on your support/download page. Make it a simple or as pretty as you want, but make it. There are issues with each other instructions on found on the XGimi support forum as well as was sent to me by email. I don’t have a battery button, which is what I was told to hold while sliding the cover open. I wasn’t told to close the cover. How will I see the light flash if the cover is closed to know that I need to slide it open? Still haven’t tried the combo instructions I have gathered to see if this fixes my Z4. I instead drafted this email and generated a rough Force Brush Package instruction sheet.

I don't know if my Z4 Aurora was the loan sheep, but it didn't come with any instructions. The only thing I had to go by was the one-page trifold on the XGimi site, then relied on pure luck and trial and error. An example of this was putting on the ceiling mount. Your amazing design team, that is not American sarcasm you guys have done what I am sure other AV old timers are cringing about, by providing/ high-end wonderful products at such a fabulous cost, might be thinking how hard can putting on a bracket be? Well, I give you somewhat technical savvy IT guy of 19 years working with in data centers and this is what you get. The three little feet on the bottom of the projector can be used to allow for micro corrections of the device when placed on a flat surface, why would be used on a XGimi with such amazing keystoning? So I pried one off to attach the ceiling mounting bracket. I then realized the feet were screwed in. Again with no directions and fitting the rubber back onto the brass screw left inside the projector, I proceeded to unscrew the three legs and use those screws for the mounting bracket. I am guessing the three black screws I found on the bracket were meant to be used to hold said bracket in place on the projector. But I ask you this, if I take my projector down from the ceiling to use it on a flat surface somewhere with the longer bracket screws, then I run the risk of scratching the flat surface, defeating the purpose of the rubber feet originally installed. My decision, though the little rubber foot screws are barely long enough, reuse the feet on the mounting bracket. I have not tested place the projector on a flat surface to see if the design of the bracket itself prevents the projector from setting flat, but I am hopeful. Also from a costing perspective, if XGimi made the screws for the rubber feet slightly longer then there would be no need for the drilling of the extra holes being into the bracket to hold the mounting screws which are also no longer needed. Which if you take the McDonald's removing one pickle from each burger philosophy, could save XGimi so profits. Supposedly to the tune of millions. ... 850000-by-removing/

Then we come to the mounting arm. Great design! Again with no instructions, not that there was any issue using/ mounting the device. A hint to costumers about being able to use the opening at the bottom and top of the arm’s shaft to feed the power and other preferable cords though would have nice. I actually commented that XGimi had made the holes in the metal shaft to save money, again not a bad idea. Any small amount of material not needed is eco and financially sound. But then I thought I was a genius in realizing I could run the cables through the openings to make the setup more aesthetically appealing. Folks not all of us have realized this. For those who are really into AV gear as well as being really clean-lined/ Feng Shui might but others are tie wrapping their cables in place or at least that is what the images of XGimi setups are showing.

So please know that I am not all about ranting and complaining about a product. I am super excited about my XGimi.  I researched the heck out of the Z4 and found very little issues from consumers. And guys the picture is amazing. The sound is great from those tiny speakers, but again unless you know about AV you don’t know that once you mount the projector the quality of the sound is also amazing. Another reason XGimi should be advocating consumers to buy the floor stand or the ceiling mount. I am hopeful for the above-mentioned reasons that the floor stand also has openings at the top and bottom of the stand. In my opinion, the floor stand should have several openings along the shaft to allow for the cables to come out at different heights. The length of the cable or where the power/ auxiliary devices might require the slight additional gain from having the cables come right out of the middle of the stand.

I will walk through the Force Brush package with the instructions Xia has provide in the other email thread and to which I have supplied here. Please note the following: I do not have access to the image for the Z4 Air so the image is not accurate. I have pieced together instructions for various threads from SummerXie regarding Force Brush Package deployment. I have done my best to correct and stitch the instructions together into common consumer technical terms.

I recommend XGimi use a typewriter service to draft technical instructions such as these into the languages supported by the software.
I also recommend XGimi provide the following with each new software release.

Errata sheet of what changes to functionality or correction to bugs exist in the new software
Date and version name in the name of the software file

Explanation of the difference between the firmware and force brush software

This post contains more resources

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