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Remote and/or Z4 Unresponsive

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Canuck4ever Canuck4ever Discussion 2018-1-3 09:37
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Hi folks - I purchased an Aurora Z4 at Christmas.  Very clear display, great for games, TV and Bluray.   Folks cannot believe what a great picture it produces for the price.  HDMI Video stream/feed is going from my Pioneer (VSX-1022) receiver to the projector directly.  

The greatest issue I have is that the Z4 seems to either temporarily loose Bluetooth pairing with its remote since Z4 becomes occasionally (40-50%) unresponsive to the remote control thus forcing me to actually having to unplug it from wall to reset it (Z4 mounted on ceiling).  

Example, I was watching 2D to 3D moving and it lost that conversion and remote and Z4 was unresponsive and I had to unplug it.  Also happens when watching TV or Blurays.  Projector keeps working but cannot operate projector as remote controller stops working (fully charged).

Other issue is that sometimes it fails to recognize HDMI feed at startup (Searching screen).  Only way is to again unplug Z4 itself.  

I was looking at purchasing Xgimi H1 this summer but now I'm concerned about paying a thousand dollars for something with issues.  

I've ordered a second Xgimi remote hoping this would fix the problem, highly doubtful.

Is anyone else having these issues (latest 1.6 firmware installed)?   

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Everyday or second day, screen goes black and Z4 searches for HDMI feed.  Using remote, I return to Z4 main screen and then select HDMI feed again and Z4 plays for a few minutes then loses HDMI feed again.  Anyone else having similar issues?

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I de-paired remote and re-paired it - no change.

I did a hardware RESET on Z4 and changed input from HDMI 2 to HDMI 1.  For the first day in 10+ days, no issues.  I'll see what happens tomorrow.

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Did it again today while I was watching TV.  We'll see when new remote arrives.

PS:  Yes remote is fully charged

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Although a bit late, there was another user who reported the issue was a faulty power supply.  You can find their post here: ... amp;highlight=power

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Привет! Я купил Z4 Aurora год назад. Через пол года начались проблемы с включением. После включения идет заставка на синем фоне, потом вентилятор начинает работать на полную мощность 2-3 секунды и экран тухнет. Проблема решается отключением от сети ( не всегда помогает) и кнопкой reset. Прошивка последняя.

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