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POLL: New XGIMI H1S - Who will be getting one?

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rocklee rocklee 2017-5-13 06:06
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Edited by rocklee at 2017-5-13 06:06

Some press release photos of the new H1S: ... 52d8d50e600f0460721

XGIMI H1S boasts the brand new Mstar 6A928 TV chip, Cortex A17 structure,
Quadcore CPU, HEVC/H.265 form 60fps ultra HD 4K decoder and 3GB RAM.
Its high-quality hardware ensures it will meet all of your video, app, and gaming needs.
  • Support 2.4/5GHZ 802.11a/b/g/n/ac2*2, Airplay/DLNA/Miracast
  • Broadcast office word, excel, PPT, PDF directly
  • Support multiple screens interaction, you can also connect and share with Android operated mobile phones, pad, iphone and ipad.
  • Multiple USB interfaces, support USB keyboard, mouse and so on.
  • Video Graphics Dual-channel rendering, full-format hardware decoding; multiple satellites built high-performance DSP processors;
  • CPU: Quad-core ; GPU: Mali-760MP4 ; RAM: 3GB DDR3, ROM: 16GB eMMc high-speed flash memory.
  • Deeply development of Android 5.1 OS, supports a variety of Android application
  • Support many language , English, Spanish, French, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Deutsch, Russian, Italian, Portuguese .
  • 1100 ANSI lumens
  • you can download the User Manual Online, Original XGIMI website :

This is still a 1080p projector with the ability to playback 4K videos but show them in 1080p resolution.  Some improvements over the H1:
- Brighter (1100 lumens vs 900 lumens)
- Greater contrast levels
- Autofocusing camera to automatically bring images into focus
- Speakers are optimized for fuller sound
- H1S operates bluetooth functionality without needing the projection to be on
- Black remote (plastic) and using regular batteries instead
- Keystone correction angle has increased from 30 degrees to 45 degrees

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Lv2 Post time 2017-5-13 07:55:07 | Show all posts
You missed the single biggest feature that sets this device apart from other H1 models.  I'll let you stew on that for a while.

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Lv2 Post time 2017-5-17 03:39:44 | Show all posts
Haha It's look like iPhone6 and 6s  , when it will be available for international version?

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Lv1 Post time 2017-5-19 15:36:52 | Show all posts

Z5 already supports HDR, it will be funny if H1S doesn't.

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Lv2 Post time 2017-5-24 10:05:34 | Show all posts
Just got 15 pcs in hand. Same formfactor as H1, the telltale focus sensor in the front is only thing that one could distinguish from earlier models.
Finalizing process to implement English and other useful languages.  Light meter shows nominal 14-15% higher brightness compared to H1 using similar test images.  Major advance in apparent clarity as befitting the high quality glass lens.  

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Edited by PJXM at 2017-6-4 20:40

The H1S is in Chinese-only version so far. As far as I understand that menas the language is Chinese only, and you do not have access to "Western apps" like YouTube, No Browser etc. However, I am basically just thinking of using it as a "Projector", and connecting my Nvidia Shield box to it. I am basically looking for a very good Projector, and upgraded contrast/ANSI Lumens etc. will be worth it for me compared to an lowered speced English language version. Also my wife is Chinese, so she can translate for me. All the apps I need is in the Nvidia Shield box, so I do not need apps on the XGIMI-box.Then it shouldn't be any problems at all, will it?

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Lv1 Post time 2017-6-5 18:19:45 | Show all posts
While H1S offers higher Lumens by 100ANSI more. It lowers down contrast by 10000 ( H1 Aurora contrast is 20000 ). Rest all not make bid difference in the ground

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Moderator  Author| Post time 2017-6-5 22:06:10 | Show all posts
PJXM replied at 2017-6-4 20:37
The H1S is in Chinese-only version so far. As far as I understand that menas the language is Chinese ...

I actually installed a launcher that it gives you access to Google Play store and any other Android apps in English.  This would be the same as using a Nvidia shield, only much cheaper.  That may be a way to overcome the Chinese apps but not the system itself so you will still see Chinese in the quick menu as well as in the settings.

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Moderator  Author| Post time 2017-6-5 22:28:16 | Show all posts
As for the person claiming to have H1S and some magical software fixes to warrant the more expensive prices on ebay, be very wary of them especially if they cannot provide proof, screenshots, videos or anything.

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Admin Post time 2017-6-6 11:22:49 | Show all posts
elmPJ replied at 2017-5-17 03:39
Haha It's look like iPhone6 and 6s  , when it will be available for international version?

international version of H1s will be available on Oct, 2017!!!

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